Boise’s usually a pretty quiet city but now and then something crazy goes down. And when crazy goes down, it’s a pretty good chance that it goes down, downtown. Imagine this; you’re enjoying a lovely evening, running around naked with a knife, and then BPD come out of nowhere pull out a taser and deliver a couple thousand volts of electricity into your naked body.

Well, according to KTVB that’s what happened early Thursday morning

KTVB Reports: Boise PD had to taze a naked knife-wielding woman.

A woman is in custody after a bizarre confrontation that unfolded in downtown Boise during the early hours of Thursday morning.
Boise Police say they received a report at 12:45 a.m. about a naked woman running down 12th Street. The woman was carrying a knife, the caller reported.
Officers responded and found the knife-wielding woman, who was running southbound towards Idaho Street. The woman ignored commands to drop the knife, and tried to run away from the officers, police say.

It’s reported that Police called for backup, but the woman did not corporate, resulting in her being tazed and taken into custody. The woman’s name has not been released, and charges have not yet been filed.

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