Women's reproductive rights, access to healthcare, and everything surrounding the polarizing issue has been front and center for months now. As many should be able to recall, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v Wade, allowing states like Idaho, Texas, and many others to virtually ban abortion.  In the instance of Idaho, a "trigger law" was already in place, meaning that an abortion ban would go into place as soon as (and at the time, IF) Roe vs. Wade was overturned.

With that tigger law now in effect in Idaho, many women feel without autonomy of their own bodies.

One local group is working to alleviate what they can for women by finding ways to get them reproductive health products, should they need access--for free.

Their website, IdahoAbortionRights.com, offers a list of resources for both community needs and reproductive health. While they do offer a voting guide, the organization suggests candidates and do openly share that they should not be considered "non-partisan".

This same local advocacy group shared on their Instagram page that the "Reproductive Health Box" will be made available at downtown Boise's Flying M--for anyone in need. There is no charge to take Plan B, condoms, or a pregnancy test from the box.

See the post for yourself, below: 



While Idaho Abortion Rights has quarterbacked the effort, Flying M was being praised by many online for opening their doors and sharing their "platform" or space, with the cause.

Other businesses carrying these Reproductive Health Boxes are: 

Five Businesses with Reproductive Health Boxes

There are five businesses that are carrying these in their stores

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