When I lived in Spokane, I bragged about Boise a lot to my friends in college. Rarely did they immediately believe me when I would say how cool our city is.  When it came to the Spokane locals, Boise-bashing was a thing.  It was always the downtown aspect that I bragged about for several reasons. Downtown Boise is growing, it's clean, it's safe, rarely do you see an empty store front, and there's something for everyone at nearly any time of the day.

Rightly so, Downtown Boise has been named one of the best downtown's in North America--that's right...the entire continent.  According to Expedia Viewfinder, "there's a buzz in Boise" referring to all of the shuttering cameras and Instagram photos being taken of places such as Freak Alley. Everything from GreenBikes to Hoptober Freshtival with Boise Brewing gets mentioned, as Boise is listed 4th on the list.

See the full article, HERE.

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