Nobody likes a parking ticket and if you're one to frequent downtown Boise, you may know all too well about accumulating these pesky things.  Sure, you can drop a few quarters into the meter or take that "first free 20-minutes" but all it takes is a lunch to go longer than expected for you to be OUT OF LUCK. You walk back to your car and BAM, there's a nice parking ticket just waiting for you. If you're like me, you forget about it, the price doubles, and next thing you know you're getting a ton of mail from the City of Boise asking for their money. It's the worst.

Enter ParkMobile, the app that has made parking simpler for all of us. I can pay or extend my meter time from absolutely anywhere in the world--just from my iPhone. This has been a life saver for people that go downtown a lot like myself. The app is all fun and games, I suppose, until there's an announced data breach.

Surprise: there's been an announced data breach at ParkMobile.

The software company that runs the popular downtown Boise parking app has completed an investigation into the data breach that about 79,000 people in the Treasure Valley have used. Here is what has been discovered:

  • NO Credit Card information was compromised or accessed in the data breach.
  • Data to the app users transaction history was not compromised in the data breach
  • Information that WAS accessed includes: license plate numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, and vehicle nickname. Some may have had mailing addresses leak as well.
  • Passwords were accessed but not the access to SEE them.

Cyber security experts as well as ParkMobile are suggesting that if you use the app, it would be wise to change your password before continuing to use the app.

Read the entire statement from ParkMobile, HERE.


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