It always sucks when a long standing favorite business of yours moves--part of the tradition you form around a place like that, is the location and the vibe!  Then again, there's nothing worse than one closes down. The good news in this blog is, there's no business closing--just a move.

Addie's in downtown Boise has always been a favorite local breakfast spot of mine. In fact, I remember quite well, the morning before I moved away from Boise for college, eating breakfast there with a mentor and long time friend of mine. It hold memories for me--along with a solid, memorable breakfast.

According to Michael Deeds of the Idaho Statesman, Addie's is on the move and has already purchased a new home located at 1221 W. Boise Avenue.

The move hasn't happened yet, but according to Deeds' interview with owner Heidi Bauknecht, Addie's is on a month-to-month lease basis and the property has been shown by its owner after business hours.

Addie's has been on Main Street (where they will remain until the end of March) since 2001. Stay tuned for grand opening details of the new location!

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