Well, if you work, live, or just have to park downtown often--the amount you're paying to park your vehicle may be going up.  Use a parking garage often? This will most likely effect you.

Recently, members of the Board of Commissioners of Capital City Development voted (unanimously I might add) to raise parking fees. This effects all of the parking garages that Capital City Development manages.

Early next year, February 1st to be exact, parking in Capital City Development Company garages will be going up $0.50 cents an hour and monthly rates will be going up by 30 percent.

According to an article by Channel 6 news, CCDC representative Mac Clark notes that increased cost to operate these garages, is a main factor behind the price increase.

If you would like to see which downtown parking garages this price hike will effect, you can click HERE.

I use these garages often for errands or quick lunch stops, and the good news? There's no sign of your first hour of FREE parking, going anywhere!


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