Friday night, my guy, a few friends and I went to see Rogue One at the Majestic.  We decided to grab a beer at Old Chicago in Downtown Boise afterward and could barely believe what we were seeing. 

When Main Street Station opened, several lanes that were previously bus lanes on Idaho and Capitol near City Hall were converted into parking lanes for regular vehicles.  Parking meters were installed and with how cold it was this weekend, people were thrilled to be closer to their destinations.  Unfortunately, what people didn't do was read the bright yellow signs under the meters telling them those spaces were now the taxi pick up area and that they would be towed if their cars were not moved by 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

When we came into Downtown, we saw two police cars and a tow truck removing cars from City Hall.  After we got our beer at Old Chicago, two more police cars and another tow truck showed up to remove cars from in front of the restaurant.  According to Devon, our server, they had towed six vehicles an hour before we got there.

Our friend Marty, who also works at Old Chicago, tells us it costs $237 to get your car back the next day and an additional $25 for each additional day you don't pick up your vehicle. You must present your vehicle's title to get it back.  That's a problem for Marty's employees because many of them are students who's vehicles belong to their parents, so it's difficult for them to pick their cars up the next day.

Anyway, that's a warning for you because the City and Boise Police were NOT messing around or taking it easy on anyone this weekend!

Also, Rouge One was FANTASTIC! Go see it if you haven't!