Have you ever had the recurring dream that you're walking through the halls of your school naked? There's a reason you're having that dream. In this case, you feel exposed or misjudged. Tawsha can interpret your dreams and tell you what they mean. 

When I was little, I asked a lot of questions. Like, a LOT. My mom got so tired of answering my questions (or not having the answer) that she would buy me books about whatever it is I'm asking about. For the longest time, I was obsessed with what my dreams meant.

Since most of us have similar dreams, it's not difficult to figure out what they mean. The people are the ones who change.

Before we get into the dreams and their meaning, play this music.


This all started with Chris sharing one of his dreams and me telling him what it meant. I didn't realize I was so "out there" until this became a thing. We asked that you call with your dreams so they can be interpreted. Here are some of them.


Dream: Living life in a wheelchair. In the dream, it's never really an issue, it's just part of his life.

Meaning: Stop depending on others.


Dream: She cheats on her husband but the guy she's cheating on him with is him.

Meaning: You may have compromised your beliefs or are wasting your time on things that will never end up the way you want them to end. To go deeper into your brain, you may actually be wanting to explore your sexuality a bit more.


Dream:  She is kidnapped by someone she knows but not well. He puts her in the walls of his house.

Meaning: You are feeling restricted. Your attention could also be diverted away from your goals. This could all go together and be centered around one person or one thing or they could be separate issues. Either way, your focus should be on what is holding you back.


Dream: A zombie is coming after her.

Meaning: This meaning is specifically if a zombie is coming after you. If that's the case, you're likely overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control. Stress.


Dream: She can't find her locker at school. Sometimes in the dream, she does find the locker but can't remember the combination.

Meaning: A locker represents your body (mostly, your mind). If you can't find your locker at school, you are hiding your feelings and not letting them out. You need to learn the feelings in order to acknowledge them. If you don't have the combination to the locker, you're unsure of where you stand in a particular situation.

You can stop the music now if you'd like.

Have you had a dream that you can't quite figure out or it's not making sense, ask me!

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