Imagine you're playing some meditation music and you're in a state of zen. Now, with your body relaxed, let's talk about the dream you had. What is your mind trying to tell you? 

You know more about your life, the direction of your life and what you are supposed to be doing more than you actually think you know. Did that even make sense? Basically, you have the answers to your questions about life and you already know what to do.

So just do it, right?

That's what your mind is trying to tell you through dreams.

It's easier said than done.

What dreams are you having? Tell me your dreams and I will let you know what you are saying to you through dreams or nightmares.



The Dream: There is this dream I’ve had since I was very young. In fact it’s the first dream I actually have memory of. Everything is black and the only thing you see is staggered toothpicks on either side and a sleeping bag is on one and then the toothpick breaks and then falls to the next one staggered on the other side. It just keeps going. That’s the only thing in the dream and for some reason it wakes me up in a panic and I’m too panicked to fall asleep. I don’t know what it means or why I never grew out of it but I’m 26 and to this day I still have the dream.  

Interpretation:Your mind is regressing back to the womb where you were completely dependent. You could be dwelling too much on minor flaws, faults and other small issues. Your emotions or feelings may be hard to verbalize.

Sara Hemming

The Dream: It would start with me being on the top of a huge skyscraper at night (I am super afraid of heights) and I would always go to the edge and look over toward the ground – then out of the shadows was a black, faceless apparition that would push me over the side. I would be falling in slow motion and on the way down I was able to see a small snipped of all these random strangers’ lives through the windows of this building while I was falling. Then I would hit the ground and wake up. It was terrifying.

Interpretation: You set your sights high – no matter what you do, it’s big (at least in your mind). This applies to creativity, accomplishments and imagination. You feel like you aren’t in control or are insecure and that you’re not receiving enough support in real life (your waking life).

Jessie Perry

The Dream: It takes different shapes. It's always apocalyptic. Sometimes I take shape of a bird and fly my family to safety as the earth is overcome with lava, earthquakes etc. In other dreams I'm alone and trying to get to my family and my way is hindered by earthquakes, lava etc. In all my dreams the ground is always falling apart into pools of lava just as I wake up.

Interpretation: You have joy, harmony and love in your life. A good outlook. There is something that is threatening your stability. There’s violence and anger you’ve kept inside for a good part of your life.

Chris Cruise

The Dream: Someone guessed the sound correctly and won the trip to Vegas, Bruno Mars concert tickets and the money.

Interpretation: Contest. This represents self-confidence, pride and/or conceit.

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