You guys. If you're in a place where you're not happy, you're uncomfortable, you don't like your job, etc? Your dreams tell you exactly what to do. How do we go in the right direction if we don't know where that is? That's what 'Dream Talk' is for. 

Dream Talk feature

Every Wednesday we host Dream Talk. You call us with your dream and I'll interpret the meaning. Take what you want from the interpretation and apply it to life as you see fit.

Please hold while I plan my Dream Talk Tour. The tour will kick off in Boise. Obviously. In the meantime, let's look at the dreams you posted on Facebook and what their interpretations are.


Jocelynn Silva

DREAM: I have had several dreams that involve poo. They’re usually about me finding it on the bathroom floor and the more I try to clean it up, the more it spreads everywhere.

INTERPRETATION: There are certain aspects of yourself that are negative and “dirty” – you find them to be undesirable and repulsive. You need to face what those things are, acknowledge them and express those feelings. It’s going to be really tough and possibly shameful. Release the negativity.


Liz Jones

DREAM: I have a recurring dream that I don’t graduate from high school because I skipped too many classes (and I graduated in 2007). Or I dream that I voluntarily went to high school for another year.

INTERPRETATION: You’re not giving yourself enough credit about your achievements. Don’t short change yourself.



DREAM: I used to have dreams of my Barney doll and other toys surrounding my body and killing me. Also, dreams of a black figure with claws behind my door.

INTERPRETATION: You’re experiencing feelings of vulnerability and hostility. Be careful with your words and your actions until the dreams go away. You’re protective.


Juan Reyes

DREAM: Having dreams about someone I used to date and being back at old job.

INTERPRETATION: Are you in a relationship? Do you feel similar feelings in this relationship as your past relationship? Something in your life right now is bringing up old feelings that you recognize.


Kassaundra Woodworth

DREAM: I always seem to have dreams about planes crashing. I’m never on them but I witness them.

INTERPRETATION: You have set unrealistic goals for yourself and you may not believe that you can reach those goals due to your self-defeating attitude and self-doubt.


What dreams are you having? Are you ready to face the meaning? Comment below.

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