If you were in Meridian this morning you may have seen this crazy string of hit-and-run accidents that ultimately ended with a guy and his female passenger having to get cut from the wreckage of their smashed up vehicle on Cole Road.

What this guy was doing and why he kept it up is anyone's guess right now.  Authorities have launched a full investigation and I'm sure we'll receive details soon.  KTVB reported on the sequence of crashes that took place around 7 o'clock this morning in Meridian.

  1. This was the first of many hit-and-runs.  A blue, black and silver Hyundai Tiburon collided with another vehicle eastbound on I-84 near Linder Road.  Witnesses immediately contacted the Meridian Police Department who were dispatched to this location when another call comes in about hit-and-run #2.
  2. The Hyundai Tiburon then smashes into a van at the Meridian Road exit and of course, continues to drive erratically fleeing the scene.
  3. Ada County Sheriff Deputy spots the Hyundai Tiburon at Meridian and Franklin and that's where the pursuit begins.
  4. Hyundai Tiburon runs a red light at Franklin and Eagle smashing into two more vehicles and continuing to drive on.  Authorities ceased the pursuit because of safety concerns for the public.
  5. Hyundai Tiburon crashes to a complete stop at Cole and Franklin.  This is where the male driver and his female passenger had to be cut from the vehicle and quickly transported to the hospital.

A total of five people were injured, traffic was shut down in multiple areas but everything's open and running smoothly again now.  We'll keep you posted on the driver's motive as the investigation unfolds.

For more information and pictures go click on KTVB TV

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