I attempted to get my drivers license renewed today and while in the end, it was a success--there was nothing enjoyable about it.

With the DMV opening up at 8:00 a.m. and my alarm waking me up bright and early, I figured getting to the DMV before they even open this morning would be wise. Sure enough as I pulled up at building...there was already a line around the block. I'm not a morning person and I was already there so, I jumped in line.

The frustration was clear from both the sides: people who needed help and the workers at the DMV. Because of software updates that just aren't functioning properly, these waits are only growing in time. Some people wait as long as 3-4 hours just to get their number called.

Need to hit the DMV? I would recommend listening to officials and staying AWAY until you absolutely have to. In some cases, emergency extensions are being offered to licenses because authorities understand it isn't easy for everyone to have a whole day of waiting at the DMV.

If you're in Ada County and don't need to get in right away, you can make yourself an appointment a couple of weeks out by clicking HERE. Trust me, you will want to save that time.

If you've got to get in to take care of business, I highly suggest you bring something to read or even better--if you've got work to do bring along a charged laptop. You'll be sitting there for a while.


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