After a long day at work we just want to unwind and what a better way to let loose than to hit the open road, turn up the radio and roll the windows down? While that sounds like the perfect drive home it may not be the healthiest thing for you to do. Why?

A new study found driving with your windows down exposes you to more pollution . . . up to 80% more than using the A/C.  The best thing to do when there's heavy traffic is hit the button that makes the air inside your car recirculate. The study continues saying that "Researchers in England looked at how much pollution we're exposed to in our cars.  And it's up to 80% more when you have your windows down." and if you're thinking that this doesn't apply to you because you only use the AC, the study claims

"Your A/C isn't perfect either.  It only filters out larger particles, and smaller ones still get in.  But sitting in traffic with your windows open is worse."


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