A bit of an incident took place over the weekend in Nampa and while it was terrifying--everyone is glad that it didn't go as bad as it could have.

According to the Nampa Police Department, officers were alerted to an 'impaired' driver who had gotten their vehicle stuck on the train tracks. It was the Union Pacific Railroad workers that had found the vehicle in the dark of night and luckily, alerted Nampa Police quickly.

Here's a look at what Nampa Police were dealing with over the weekend...

BIG YIKES here...luckily, this did not go as bad as it could have. 

Had the railroad workers not spotted this vehicle and stopped rail traffic, it is entirely possible that a train could have slammed right into the thing and killed whoever was inside. Police are now using this scary matter as a reminder to the public that it is NEVER ok to drink and drive.

As summarized by the Nampa Police Department:

The impaired driver found themselves stuck on the railroad tracks, in the pitch dark, late at night. Eventually they found themselves in the custody of the Nampa Police Department, and lastly in the Canyon County Jail for DUI and other related charges.

We can't imagine how terrified and regretful the driver must have been. All things considered, anyone would be thankful for the rescue preformed by Nampa Police officers.  Those with the railroad also worked hard to clean up the incident and get the rails back to moving as they needed to.

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