This message is especially for Kathryn Fisher who co-hosts a show with the amazing Kekeluv (that's me). The CDC is imploring consumers who purchased those all-in-one salad kits to discard them immediately.

I witness my co-host "Kat" buy these salad kits by the bulk. Time to get rid of them asap. The CDC says people are getting sick and as of December 9, eight people from three states were infected.

There has been a strain identified in the outbreak, the CDC said. This looks pretty series as three were hospitalized and one had kidney failure. Is this an Idaho issue? I found out that there was another outbreak that impacted over 100 people. These are two separate recalls. That was one in California.

This issue is for consumers, restaurants, and retailers to toss these packages. Don't sell or consume any salad kits with a best-before date up to and including December 7, 2919, and identification code UPC 0 71279 30906 4, starting with lot code Z.

If you have already eaten some of that specific salad health agencies are recommending that you wash and sanitize drawers or refrigerator shelves where you might have stored these salad kits.

What symptoms would you see if contracting E.coli? Follow this link I found on CNN.

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