When I was a kid, my parents HATED to turn on the air conditioning. By the way, now that I'm an adult, I kind of get it--electricity is NOT cheap. There were a couple of things that saved us from the summer heat in the house: ice cream, a trip to the movie theatre, or a trip to the pool. In Nampa, we used the Nampa Rec Center (with which you're probably familiar), so swimming was nice but being inside when it was so beautiful out wasn't always the most fun.

If you live in Eagle, there's a new place to take the kids to cool off on these hot summer days and it looks pretty awesome.

Guerber Park in Eagle is a popular destination for many in the area and as of last week, it has been upgraded to be home to a splash pad! While there's no pool in the park, a "pad" of concrete with various water works splashing down is now operational for the community to cool off. One awesome aspect of this splash pad is that the water isn't going to waste--it's actually being recycled to water the grass at the park, as well.

For more on the installation click HERE.

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