Boise State men's basketball, despite a recent loss (only their second on the entire season) is continuing to soar and garner national attention. That one loss that came this week, to a tough Colorado State team (they actually came back and beat Colorado State in the next game a day later) seemed to be a little bit of a gut punch to the momentum that Boise State has been building. Regardless, things are looking up for the Broncos who are ranked FIRST in the Mountain West Conference standings--this has to be a first in a very long time for this late into the season.

Let's talk about the rough news, first. The Broncos are now 10-1 in conference and 14-2 on the entire season. Just last week, I shared that the team was JUST about to crack into the Top 25, coming in as the team receiving the most "honorable mention" votes in the entire nation--technically placing them, you could argue, at #26.  Just that ONE loss against Colorado State was enough to bump the Broncos real far back.

Here's the good news: the Broncos have a record that speaks for itself and more wins will only bolster that. When it comes time for March Madness, even if they don't secure a conference championship (which is the only way to guarantee a spot in the big dance for them), I do believe they'll make the tournament. This has only happened seven times in the history of Boise State men's basketball and they've never won a March Madness game.

Should Boise State make the dance, it will be Leon Rice's third time leading the Broncos there and even more exciting--the critics are projecting Boise State to be a much higher seeded team than in years past--around 8 or 9.  Their highest seed prior is 11.

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