Here in the Treasure Valley, we're lucky enough to get a little bit of everything during the year. In fact, we're lucky enough to get 5 distinct seasons!  A snowy winter, a promising spring, a scorching summer, a beautiful fall and an ever evolving CONSTRUCTION SEASON!

That's what all of the news is about today--road closures and big orange cones. If you have any need to take Interstate 84 today, Friday August 26th--you might want to be aware of the closure.

As the City of Nampa shared on their Facebook page to remind drivers:

Friday, August 26, eastbound I-84 will be closed from 10 p.m. until 7 a.m. Saturday, August 27, to install a large overhead sign bridge on I-84 as part of the widening project.  Motorists will be detoured to Nampa-Caldwell Boulevard. Westbound I-84 will be reduced to one lane between Caldwell (Exit 29) and Nampa (Exit 33). Speed will be reduced.  During September drivers can expect intermittent nighttime lane closures in the I-84 construction zone.

So what does this mean for Traffic in the Treasure Valley? Honestly, it's nothing to really stress as Interstate 84 traffic at this time of night isn't all that busy. The Nampa to Boise route can be skipped through city streets and then drivers can hop back onto the interstate once they're past it.

While we get that work needs to be done, we really can't even begin to share how excited we are to see the construction DONE WITH between Caldwell, Nampa, and Boise via Interstate 84!

To keep tabs on the roadwork, click HERE.

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