One thing I am certainly not shy about that I am sure you have noticed by now, is the love I have for my cat.  Growing up, I was never fond of cats but then again, I never really knew one. Piccolo, my domestic shorthair cat, was the best decision I ever made--my first pet!

If you're a "cat person", you get it--felines have such unique personalities. If you've always wanted a cat or have wondered if you would get along with one, perhaps it's time to adopt.

There are tons of places around the Treasure Valley that have adorable, loving cats up for adoption, in fact the picture of me above is from the Idaho Human Society! However, one Eastern Idaho shelter is looking for help adopting so if you have family that way, or even just an itch for a quick road trip, this could be for you.

The Snake River Animal Shelter is one built to house 45 cats. Currently, they're housing 110. The Shelter is located in Idaho Falls, just a quick 4 hour drive.

If you have any interest in helping the Snake River Animal Shelter's capacity by adopting, click HERE. I really hope you or someone you know will consider!


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