I don't go out to eat very often, but when I do, Chili's off of Broadway is usually one of my favorite go-to spots. My meal of choice? Fried pickles and baby back ribs with the Memphis dry rub incase you were wondering.

I usually find myself eating there a few times a month so when I saw that they had a data breach that compromised card details, I started to worry.

Chili's has confirmed it was hit by a data breach that compromised the data of some of its customers.
The restaurant chain said the breach happened sometime during March and April, but that it didn't find out about it until Friday.

But, it may not be that bad for Treasure Valley Chili's. I reached out to management at the Broadway location, and they weren't aware of the breach but did say that they were a franchised store and used a different system than the corporate stores.

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