We will click on ANYTHING that gives us advice on how we can live longer and that's exactly what was just sent to me. This isn't exactly your fountain of youth, but a new study says that it could help reduce the chance of cancer.

I can get them scrambled, hard boiled or omelet form. Yes, I'm talking about eggs. This study might give you that extra kick in the morning or at night.

According to a new study by Journal Heart, eating an egg a day might just keep you away from the doctor.

Data was accumulated over 8.9 years and people who ate eggs regularly had a 26% lower risk of hemorrhagic stroke, a 28% lower risk of dying from a hemorrhagic stroke, and an 18% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease.

Don't be that person now and fry up four eggs with cheese, sausage, and your special sauce. That's like saying dairy is good for you and you're binging with a gallon of Ben and Jerry's. Take everything in proportion.

This statistic is pretty solid, including more than half a million adults ages 30 to 79 for data.

There's a lot more on this story including more pinpointed statistics that you might be interested in. Check out the Business Insider Report. Big thanks to Tom Kloes from TSM/Boise for forwarding this study to us. Could be life changing for someone!

Sidenote: Looking for great eggs in the Treasure Valley? Check out the Egg Factory with three locations.

  • 8061 West Fairview Avenue in Boise
  • 6882 West State Street in Boise
  • 820 Caldwell Blvd in Nampa



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