We have seen for weeks now, photos and videos of how coronavirus has impacted cities, streets, and nations far beyond the Treasure Valley. After a couple of weeks of Boise's "Stay At Home Order" now stacked on with Governor Brad Little's statewide order...we're seeing it first hand.

On Saturday, I made my way to Caldwell to grab some take-out, support a local business, and drop off some things at my mom's house in Nampa on the way back into Boise--my self-isolated paradise at home. I noticed leaving Boise that the streets were real quiet for a Saturday afternoon-- as to be expected. The closer I got into Canyon County, however, the more I noticed that people were out as usual. Caldwell Boulevard was slammed, the freeway was packed. It felt like a different world over there. Maybe because the orders are new to our western Treasure Valley residents compared to Boise.

Downtown at night, as I assumed, would be very slow. What I've never seen before is a downtown Boise that is THIS slow as captured in some really eerie photos. These have been everywhere on social media today as a friend of the radio station Chip Shultz went out and captured just how silent our normally bustling town was...

Check out his photo album below for a real trip..


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