Above is a picture of my cat, Piccolo who doesn't have the plague.  I really just wanted another reason to post a picture of her...so there you go.

However, in Elmore County--one family's household cat is recovering from having the plague and it's a terrifying situation to be in.

According to an article by Idaho's News Channel 7, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has confirmed that a household cat came home with the plague in Elmore County this week.  Officials believe the cat came in contact with an infected rodent.  As far as everyone can tell, the cat didn't infect any people or pets other than itself.

Just the word "plague" sounds scary, but it's passed on from fleas that are infected with the disease. A bite into your pet from one of these could be life threatening. Keep track of where your outdoor pets hunt and play around your home and if they're frequenting the outdoor--make sure they're getting proper flea treatments.

Officials say that if your pet is acting sick--get them into the vet!

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