From my perspective Emmett is a very interesting little community. It's not far enough from Eagle to call it remote but a lot of people from Boise don't get out to Emmett until the annual Cherry Festival comes around. If you've never heard of the Cherry Festival this is how their website describes it:

"Families gather, friends reunite and over 55,000 folks get together over the four days for the greatest family-friendly event in Idaho! Of the many, many things that set the Emmett Cherry Festival apart from other events, most notably is the abundance of FREE and FAMILY-FRIENDLY activities."

While Idaho is famous for Potatoes, Emmett apparently takes takes pride in Cherries. I had no idea that Cherries were even a thing in Idaho until my friend Jeanie told me she was born and raised on a Cherry Orchard in Emmett that her family owned between 1954 and 2014. Today I want to share some Emmett Cherry Festival facts and one half truth.

First the Facts:

Emmett is known as the Valley of plenty

The traditional Cherry Festival events, concerts and carnival all happen in the Emmett City Park starting on Wednesday the 16th and running through Saturday the 19th.

The Emmett Cherry Festival is always held during the second full week of June.

The Emmett Cherry Festival has taken place since the 1930s. This is the 86th Annual.

The Emmett Cherry Festival is the region’s longest continually running festival.

The Emmett Cherry Festival has many events including:

The Jr. Cherry Festival Pageant

Cherry-Tastic Fundraising Yard Sale

Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

Cherry Festival Train Show

Cherry Festival Children's Parade

Emmett Lions Car Show

Fireman Hose Competition

Cherry Pit Spit

Cherry Pie Eating Contest

Cherry Festival Parade

Now the half truth:

Apparently due to weather not all of the cherries at the festival are from Emmett but this year it's all homegrown. I got this info from a local whom asked to remain nameless.

Speaking for myself... imported Cherries will not keep me from checking out this fun event this weekend in Emmett. See you there.

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