Here in Boise, it's easy to see that we love getting out and having a great time. Whether it's a sporting event, a concert, an outdoor activity, or our obligatory 'patio season'--we've got something for everyone, all year long.

Admittedly, once temperatures drop, it feels like the 'live events' die down a bit. This week, the City of Boise is celebrating a year-round favorite--but a seasonal specialty--at nine local bars across town.

Have you ever heard of 'Espresso Martinis'? They are exactly what they sound like and coffee lovers have long rejoiced over the collision of these two worlds. This week, Boise is saying cheers to Espresso Martinis. A lot of them.

Here's where you can participate in the celebratory week through the weekend:

Tour Boise's Espresso Martini Week At These Local Bars

Here's a look at where you can try one, or all, of Boise's best Espresso Martini's

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Which of these bars do you love and which have you never been to!? 

This weekend, you can certainly use Espresso Martini Week as an excuse to go someplace new, or...just have a nice cocktail.

The official week runs through Monday, November 13th and it's free to participate. Drop by Ochos to pick up your passport and once you complete it--there's a free limited edition t-shirt in it for you.

A portion of sales from Espresso Martini Week will go towards to amazing causes:

  • The Hawaii Community Fun which is helping to repair damage done by Maui fires earlier this year
  • The Tales Of The Cocktail Fund which helps service industry employees get through personal hardships.

Just this week, we shared that Amsterdam Lounge in downtown Boise actually has one of the best Espresso Martinis in the entire nation:

Inside of Downtown Boise's Nationally Ranked Espresso Martini

Idaho is known for a lot of things, but we never knew that downtown Boise would put us on the map for some of the nation's best Espresso Martinis! Here's a look at where to find the winner...

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