We're now into a brand new year-- 2021--and the pandemic is still here. Things aren't normal, political tension remains high, but here we are. Going into a new year, for me, has never been much of a big deal. In the grand scheme, it's just another day. But this year, I think that we can all agree it could be a great excuse to look ahead through a different lens. Here's to adapting, growing, and improving.

While everything over the past year has been completely crazy, one thing has remained consistent and it's one of those things that is real controversial: the move to the Gem State.

Sure, Idahoan's are good people, but move into the state in droves and get ready to be attacked!  Insert a Californian joke, *HERE*.

Even while the entire globe struggled (and continues to tackle) COVID-19, people still moved and relocated their lives. According to the 2020 National Migration Study-- more residents moved TO Idaho than OUT of Idaho--making our great state the Top Moving Destination of 2020.

The top 10 inbound states of 2020 were:

1.    Idaho

2.    South Carolina

3.    Oregon

4.    South Dakota

5.    Arizona

6.    North Carolina

7.    Tennessee

8.    Alabama

9.    Florida

10.    Arkansas

If you're wondering about the methodology, the entire study was conducted by United Van Lines-- you see their trucks all over the place (probably hence their results) and they just happen to be the largest household mover in the nation.

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