It's almost become a joke at this point about how many people are moving to the Treasure Valley. Heck, we even had to write about that because it's so out of control.

So with everyone moving to the Gem State, where are all the rich people moving to? Well, we haven't exactly pinpointed that yet, but let's check out what Idaho cities are pulling in the most cash.

To put it another way, what cities in Idaho are making the most money? To put it another another way, what houses should you hit up for trick-or-treating next year? To put it another another another way, which cities should you make friends in if you want to come over and play their PS5? We have answers.

The list of the highest-earning states in Idaho was released recently, and while some answers are predictable, others were genuinely surprising. Before we get to the results, there's one bizarre placement on this list: Boise didn't make the top five!


The City of Trees just squeaked by at #6. Here are the top five:


#5 - Star, Idaho - Median household income: $65,200

#4 - Ammon, Idaho - Median household income: $67,500

#3 - Kuna, Idaho - Median household income: $68,000

#2 - Meridian, Idaho - Median household income: $71,300

#1 - Eagle, Idaho - Median household income: $92,800


We had our suspicions that Eagle was going to make the list, but check out that wage gap! That means on average, a household in Eagle is making at least $30,000 more than families in other Idaho cities. Not bad, Eagle. Not bad.

So, can we come over and play PS5 or nah?

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