Let's talk about the one thing that Boise's internet cannot get enough of, shall we?

Celebrities in Boise.

Sure, there are other things that Boise residents may love to see, share, and argue about--like real estate, traffic, and the weather. But celebrity sightings in 'little 'ol Boise, Idaho'? That takes the cake.

We broke the news to you, first, that Mark Wahlberg was spotted in Boise. It didn't take long for a full story line to come together on his time here.

Let's dive into Mark's Boise Trip! 

Exclusive Look Inside of Mark Wahlberg's Boise Visit

After so much speculation, we now have an exclusive look at Mark Wahlberg's visit to Boise!

Check out the full video for yourself, below!

Were you lucky enough to see him while he was in town? 

In the video, Mark greets shoppers here in Boise inside of the "fancy" Albertsons location on Broadway Avenue. While strolling around, he meets students, future NFL players, a serviceman, and plenty of fans along the way.  Only in Boise, y'all. Only in Boise.

You can check out the video he shared from Boise, below:


We will keep you posted on any future Wahlberg visits! We can't wait!


Prior to the produced video released by Wahlberg himself--here's all we knew about the visit: 

Inside Mark Wahlberg's Trip to Boise

Here's what we know, what we don't know, and what we can only assume...

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