The secret is out, Idaho, and it's time that we all acknowledge that. People know that Idaho exists, and they're moving here, visiting here, and they're doing so in the masses. Of course, for years, Hollywood has known that Idaho exists. The slow pace and distance from big city life has brought Hollywood actors to Boise for a long time.

The internet is grumbling today--about a celebrity sighitng. There's nothing that Boise loves more than one of these.

According to several people online, Mark Wahlberg has been spotted around Boise today (Tuesday, April 25th).

Here's that folks are saying online: 





Ok, so we get it--Mark Wahlberg is in Boise. Why? At the point we have published this article, we have no idea but the city is certainly investigating what could be going on here.

We know that he loves designer shoes. Could he be here visiting a local shoe boutique!? His brother, Paul, is a chef and the two of them (with their other brother) own and operate a popular burger chain. Could one be coming to Boise soon!? Only time will tell...

This is far from the first time Boise has had a celebrity sighting--let alone out great State of Idaho! 

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