Maybe you were mowing the lawn, or spending time outside with your family, or even simply enjoying a White Claw on your patio when you heard it. A massive boom heard across Idaho and Utah on Saturday. But what was it? Experts have their opinions, and that's only resulted in us having more questions.

First off, it was quickly confirmed what the noise was not. Utah Governor Spencer Cox tweeted moments after the noise was heard that it was "not related to any seismic activity or military installations." Good to know.

According to video footage via a lightning detection mapper, experts believe the excessively loud noise was caused by a meteor crashing to Earth.

One resident described the sound in detail:

I thought I heard something fall in the house. I have since searched the house top to bottom and the only thing I’ve found was one slat from our wooden fence that had fallen, so that’s a relief. It did sound similar to sonic booms I’ve heard before, followed by a short incident of a sound similar to low rolling thunder. This rumbling noise that followed the boom was maybe on 3-4 seconds.

Wonderful. So we know a meteor from freaking space landed on Earth, and all we're worried about is the noise it made? Are we not thinking that aliens may have crash-landed, and the meteor was actually some kind of space-traversing vessel? If you've ever seen any kind of sci-fi movie (we're looking at you, Transformers) you know this is exactly how the plot starts.

We'll be hiding in the basement if anyone needs us.

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