We told you last week that an explosive device was discovered in a vehicle at a car dealership in Caldwell.

We have more details on what happened, but questions remain.

In the detail shop at Hum Motors in Caldwell, an employee discovered what they believed to be an explosive device behind the front seat of a vehicle that had been towed there. At that time, Nampa PD's bomb squad came to the scene and removed said device. Since then, more facts have come out as to what exactly was discovered that day:

  • The device had numerous serial numbers printed on it
  • The word "Explosive" was also stamped on the device
  • It was of similar size and weight to a soda can
  • Wires were protruding from the device's casing
  • Nampa PD is currently evaluating what they call a "suspicious device"

We still do not know if the object that was discovered is indeed a bomb. Also, it hasn't been revealed if the owner of the towed vehicle had been arrested or not.

Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

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