Both Facebook and Instagram are having major issues today.  Of course, those of of us who are social addicts, are feeming.  Facebook posted earlier today that it was just "maintenance", but is that the real story? Certain pages aren't working and I tried to load my activity on Instagram and it wouldn't load. Twitter is blowing up with people complaining.

Check out some of the tweets...

KTVB, it's just maintenance and you should be able to log back on in a few minutes.

That got me to thinking, what would we do, if all of the sudden we lost all electricity and couldn't get on social media anymore.  I'm thinking the apocalypse.

If you want to prepare for the end of the world, you can actually do that by checking this site out.  But for now, let's just chill and Facebook and Instagram will be back to normal, soon enough... right?

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