Over the weekend, news struck late at night that a suspect was on the run after shooting an Ada County Sheriff's Office deputy during a routine traffic stop. Hours later, the community learned that the deputy did not survive--and for the first time in the history of the Ada County Sheriff's Office, an officer was killed in the line of duty.

Idahoans across the state were heartbroken over the tragedy and while the public has heard from local officials since the incident, a statement has now been released from the family of the late Deputy Tobin Bolter.

In a statement from the family, shared on the GoFundMe page, a heartfelt look into Bolter's life was shared:

Tobin’s life has been a reflection of God’s grace. He was a selfless man of conviction, giving God the glory in all circumstances. Tobin sacrificially loved his wife, Abbey. As a peace officer, Tobin was able to faithfully serve and protect his community because his foundation was deeply rooted in the hope of the gospel; he lived without fear. Tobin’s vivacious spirit and selfless care for others were an encouragement to all who knew him. The Bolter family would like to thank the community for their support during this difficult time.

Hearts all across the nation are broken for this family and at this time it seems that all we can collectively do is raise them up and hope for healing.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution to the family, as organized by local law enforcement, you can do so, HERE.

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