Every year, getting over the The Farmstead for some fall-themed fun is a MUST here in the Treasure Valley. It's one of those things that we enjoy the most about fall here at 103.5 KISS FM!  Over the years, we've hosted massive Halloween parties, haunted tours, and more at The Farmstead.

Admittedly, getting lost in a corn maze stresses me out and I've never tried their giant, world-famous maze...but I DO know that each year, our entire area awaits their unveiling of the design. That just happened this morning.

When I say "world famous corn maze", I'm not joking. You may recall a few years ago when Jimmy Fallon sent the show sky diving into the maze which was designed after...you guessed it: Jimmy Fallon. You can see that story, HERE.

This year, amid everything CRAZY happening in 2020-- what better cure than a puppy!

As announced on The Farmstead's Facebook page, the design will feature Man's Best Friend-- and we're so here for that.

Check out the design for yourself and some info on The Farmstead, below:


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