The 2023 football season has been a rollercoaster for Boise State football. It certainly isn't a knock on the team, the program, or the players--but it is a reality. The season started off lackluster and felt as though it was only getting worse.

Was the team actually underpreforming? The fans certainly thought so.

While head coach Andy Avalos continued to tell fans and the press that a Mountain West Conference Championship was still possible, despite a slow start to the season it wasn't enough. The program made a mid-season change, dismissed Avalos, and then celebrated the very championship that Avalos continued to stress, was in reach.

After the coaching change, critics and fans both worried that the program would "fall apart" in the transfer portal. Would players announce that they're were out and on to the next program because of leadership uncertainty? So far, that hasn't been the case.

Star quarterback Taylen Green has entered the portal--with the understanding that he may return is not closing the door on Boise State.

The biggest star on the team, Ashton Jeanty, has been a standout running back all season, leading the nation in rushing yards. Many feared that another program would scoop him up and take him from the Broncos. Jeanty just announced today, however, that he isn't going anywhere.

  A sigh of relief could be heard across the city. According to local sports writers, the deal was pretty sweet for Jeanty...    

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