All of those bundles of money pictured above still probably isn't enough to resemble how much ISN'T going out to hard working federal employees--those still going in to work, just not getting paid because of the Government Shutdown.

While I was tapping my way through Instagram stories last night, I saw a friend post a pop up on their American Express account that directed you to call a 1-800 number if you're a federal employee that needs assistance through the shutdown. I thought that was pretty awesome. After some googling I learned that banks right here in Idaho are doing the same. It's a commendable and gracious effort.

Idaho Central Credit Union is one of the local banks doing just that. I can't imagine going to work but not getting money to pay bills--for many, making ends meet each month is stressful enough! ICCU has opened up 0% interest loans that can help people pay rent and more--borrowing against future paychecks.  Obviously, this is a far more ideal option than taking out some sort of Payday Loan from a national chain that can have up to 400% interest!

For more on this and the full story from Idaho's News Channel 7, click HERE.

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