There's no denying that it is HOT in the Treasure Valley right now. Despite the fact that we're surrounded by lakes, rivers, and green forests, it's important to remember that as temperatures rise, we're really, technically, living in a desert. It's a 'dry heat' here in Idaho and we must be careful not to contribute to fires that damage our wildlife and property.

A fire last week broke out rather close to town--dubbed by authorities as the 'Polecat Fire'.

It burned 36 acres and threatened the safety of homes and property here in the Treasure Valley area.

Authorities quickly identified that there may be an investigation to be had surrounding the cause of the fire--and they were correct. As of today, an arrest has been made.

The following statement was released by Boise Police this afternoon, Monday, June 24th:

Boise Fire, Boise Police, and the Bureau of Land Management responded to the Polecat Fire which was a grass fire that burned 36 acres and threatened homes at the end of N. Collister Dr., at the Polecat Gulch Trailhead. Thanks to the quick and coordinated response from first responders, the fire was stopped before it led to any injuries or destruction of nearby homes. Following an investigation, the fire was determined to be arson and video from the area led police to identify a suspect. Following further investigation, Bryan Grensing was arrested and booked into Ada County Jail on the listed charges. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.

Officials have since stated that the trails within Polecat Reserve are now open once again--but warn the public to avoid the areas that were burned. Stay on the trails!

This summer, practice extra caution when using anything that may cause a fire outdoors. The risks aren't worth it.

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