If you check out the picture above--you will notice a couple of things. First, we all look super happy...that's because it was taken BEFORE we ran through the Field of Screams. Second, even the SKY looks scary up above us.

Yes, myself a fun group of lucky ladies from the Treasure Valley got to take an exclusive run through at The Farmstead's own Field of Screams last Saturday night. Any guesses at who screamed the most? Yep--you're onto me. From the moment we stepped up in line until the moment we successfully ran out of the field being chased by...well...I'll let YOU find that out, the Field of Screams was a fun yet terrifying experience. At one point, someone in our group said "this isn't even scary"..the joke was on HER when the creepiest nun I've ever seen popped out of the corn. Needless to say, she was terrified.

Every Friday and Saturday night, the Field of Screams is open at The Farmstead and if you're into "Spooky Season", I give this haunted field 10 out of 10 ghosts!  For more on tickets and hours, click HERE.

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