Attending our Fifty Shades Masquerade Saturday night? Throwing your own party of masks? Celebrating Fifty Shades Darker with some friends? I have the place to score all the sexiest masks! 

Fifty Shades Masquerade

Fifty Shades Darker is coming out this weekend and the masquerade parties are in full swing. I've talked to some listeners who are dressing up for the movie with masks just feel in the mood.

Whether you're going to the movie, having a party, or coming to our Fifty Shades Masquerade at the Balcony, Saturday night - You'll need a spot to get them.

Here's a quick list of places locally including a spot from one of our winners called, In Retrospect.


In Retrospect, off state street 1940 W. St. Street across from Westside Drive-in. These masks are running from $1 to $30 and perfect for your party.






You can also hit the Zurchers off Milwaukee by the mall for some plain masks. We'll be posted up outside Balcony on Saturday with generic masks if you don't bring one. The is a mask ONLY Masquerade Party.

Party starts at 10 p.m. - More details here.

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