Fifty Shades Masquerade Attire in Boise
Attending our Fifty Shades Masquerade Saturday night? Throwing your own party of masks? Celebrating Fifty Shades Darker with some friends? I have the place to score all the sexiest masks!
50 Shades of Grey Red Room Party
Valentine's Day will take on an entirely new meaning this year with the anticipation of 50 Shades of Grey, The movie.  Check out the Red Room Party for singles and couples. Don't slip on this one!
The ABC Party At The Bouquet July 26th!
What is "ABC" you ask? Well, it stands for "Anything But Clothes"! You can go all out with how you dress, but it has to be something other than "Clothing". Duct tape, pizza boxes, rope, tutu's...anything! July 26th at The Bouquet in Downtown…