If you're one of the many in our community that love to run--be it for fun, competitively, or recreationally...you have probably heard of Final Kick-- a race company that puts on several fun races a year. Many runners across the valley have gone from loving Final Kick for the events they put on to being pretty frustrated with them.

It was announced today through a Facebook post that all future Final Kick events are canceled and no--refunds aren't available.

It was the owner of the local run company that took to the Facebook page to tell the community of their bankruptcy.  According to a report done by Idaho's News Channel 7, the company is about $60,000 in debt and they only have about $70 in their bank account.

Obviously, this is some extremely disappointing news to many. Not only will the run that was to be held canceled but if you had paid to be a part of it, you're out of the cash.

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