Boise State took on a tough Oregon State University football team on the road just days ago and now we're seeing just who...saw it.

A lot of people.

You don't have to share with us, but think back to one of your most embarrassing moments and recall who all was watching. Even if you're walking along the sidewalk and you find yourself stumbling over your own feet (does that happen to more people than just us?)--your first instinct after you recover is to look around and see who was watching, right?

You could say that Boise State "stumbled" and now we know a lot of eyes were on the television screen as it happened.

Perhaps it was because it was "the late game" on ESPN or maybe a lot of people just really cared about two unranked teams in Boise State and Oregon State--but the views, according to the reveal, were quite intense.

The top game of the week, with over 10 million viewers, was the expected Ohio State vs. Notre Dame primetime matchup. Not far below? Boise State coming in at #13 in most viewed football games on television last week, with 1.25 million viewers. Wow!

The only conference foe that ranked higher in television audience was Colorado State who played the University of Michigan. They ranked 6th in television viewers and came in at 2.2 million, which is really impressive as well.

Don't expect such high numbers for the Broncos this week as the game which will be aired on CBS Sports Network (no, not the big CBS Channel 2) and features an 0-1 Boise State and a (no offense, guys) flat New Mexico program.

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