A new list has been released about Idaho, because apparently lists for literally EVERYTHING are needed anymore. This one isn't so flattering and Boise ranked nowhere near the top for once. Maybe that's a good thing?

First of all, I have to preface with a disclaimer: I actually strongly disagree with the results. So what's the topic? A website called RoadSnacks.net has ranked the "worst" places to live in Idaho.

Apparently this list is an annual thing and the #1 worst place to live in Idaho this year, was actually #5 last year. According to the survey, factors taken into consideration that scored each city were: jobs, housing, affordability, diversity, crime rates, safety, and a few others.

Coming in at the TOP of the list for 2019? Weiser, Idaho-- the "worst" place to live in Idaho.

Other nearby cities that follow Weiser are Emmett (second), Caldwell (third) and Nampa (fourth).

I actually have some great memories in ALL of these cities from when I was growing up and being a 2C native myself, I'm a little offended that Nampa and Caldwell would be considered less than great places to live. Unfortunately, measuring kindness, good people, and beauty can't be measured on paper.

How do you feel about the results? Are you a little annoyed like I am? Then again, can anyone really trust a website called "RoadSnacks"?

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