Costco is one of those places that turns into an experience every time. You tell yourself, I have my grocery list, I'm going to walk in get my stuff and walk out. Low and behold you walk in and the giant TV's start calling you're name, before you know it you're trying to come up with a reason to not buy an 82 inch tv. If you're lucky enough to pull yourself away then you find yourself having a four course meal made out of all the different samples that are being offered at every aisle. You finally compose yourself and get to the register only to find out that your $49 shopping list has turned into $149 because there we're way to many things you couldn't live without at Costco. Did I mention that it's an adventure every time? I have great news if you enjoy adventures, the new Costco in Meridian on the corner of West Chinden Boulevard & Ten Mile Road is now open. The newest Costco in America is 150,000 sq ft. and the 799th in the world. it's also the seventh location in Idaho and has 150 new hires from the Meridian and Eagle areas.

“It’s exciting,” said Costco general manager Doug Home in an interview with ktvb. “We've been trying to open a building in this part of the valley for gosh, somewhere above 12 years and planned to be here, wanted to be here and it just takes a long time to put everything together and find the right location.”

When asked what this means to the city? Community Development Director Cameron Arial “For Meridian this means a lot of things, it means that we're a community that's growing and we’re excited to have Costco here so our residents don’t have to travel as far and these services can be closer to our citizens,”

If you live in Meridian or Eagle Congratulations no more trips across town to Nampa or Boise for a Costco run, now you have your own.


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