I'm no one to talk because I'm not born and raised in Idaho, however I've been here long enough to call Boise home and to remember when I-84 was two lanes between Meridian and Nampa. I've been here long enough to have seen the population grow by 300,000 and to witness the realestate boom that has left many locals in a position where they cant afford to buy a home. I understand the discomfort that growth has caused us and I get why some of us are mad. I have good news... We're finally sticking it to the out of towners.

According to Idaho State Parks a record 7.7 million people visited our parks in 2020. 30 percent of the visitors / campers were from other states. To put it in perspective the 7.7 number is 1.2 million more than the previous record. Effective yesterday June 10th all out of state visitors will pay double the amount as locals to enjoy our facilities at Idaho State parks. Take that!

The new daily, non-resident entry fee at Bear LakeFarragutHells GatePriest Lake and Round Lake will be $14, residents will continue to pay only $7. The price starts to really get steep for those pesky visitors when they insist on camping.

Camping fees for non-Idaho residents at Farragut, Henrys LakePonderosa, Priest Lake and Round Lake will be $48 per night for a basic campsite, sites with full hookups will cost $64 for a non-Idaho residents.

"The changes will keep Idaho competitive with surrounding states, which have similar surcharges for out-of-state guests," said Susan Buxton in a ktvb interview, director of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. "Even with these increases, our parks are a good value given the exceptional recreational opportunities."

I don't know that this will keep people from moving here but at least it's a nice little jab that is initiated by house bill 93 which I'm not sure is designed to stick it to the out of towners but hey... it's nice to think that it is. Stay local.


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