It’s that time of year again when the leaves are changing colors and the weather starts to get colder. Everyone has been preparing for the fall season and the Boise grocery stores are no different. This year Trader Joe’s especially has gone above and beyond with their fall decorations, display, and items. Everyone is talking about what great selections and variety they are offering for this fall season.

They have everything from a pumpkin party right outside of the store to a bunch of fall-themed foods that social media has been raving about. Trader Joe’s is even offering a large selection of fall plants and decorations that do not disappoint.

Trader Joe's Fall Selections

Everything you need for the fall season!

Gallery Credit: Shannon Buccola

Their Holiday Haul section includes everything from fall juices and drinks to cereal and muffins. If you like pumpkin spice then you will be in absolute heaven in this section of the store. It has a surplus of goods and it is right at the front entrance of the store so it’s impossible to miss

Trader Joe’s even put a fun twist on a Christmas tradition and made Halloween-themed gingerbread houses that are perfect to do with friends and family.

For those who just need some house decorations, there are a bunch of fun plants including pin cushions, pumpkin trees, fall accents, and patio flowers. They are all fully stocked so there’s plenty for everyone. Their pumpkin city has a bunch of different pumpkins too. There are pumpkins in all different shapes and sizes. The orange ones are only $4.99.

If fall is your favorite holiday run to Trader Joe’s now and experience all of the fall goodies they have to offer!

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