Have you ever heard the term " When the going gets tough, the tough get going" ? This is a classic example of that very saying. I'm always amazed at how some of us create mountains out of mole hills, we basically drown in a glass of water. Not the case for Shon Boulden who owns Lucky Devils Lounge ( by lounge he means strip club) in Southeast Portland. When the stay at home orders kicked in, Shon had to figure out a way to keep his business and his income alive. He posted the concept of Boober eats vs. Uber eats on his facebook page as a joke and got the biggest reaction his page had ever  received so he decided to run with it. All of a sudden he stumbled on a way to keep security guards, cooks and strippers employed.

What exactly is Boober eats? Picture this.. It's Friday night and you and less than 10 of your friends (less than 10 because you're all law biding citizens) are hanging out and want to order take out. You can order through Uber eats or for an additional $30 you can order through Boober eats and get a show along with your delivery. The strippers offer a twerk and boob bounce routine and will even pose for a pic ( wearing pasties ) but you must observe your standard strip club guidelines.


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