Rewind back 10 years ago around the time I moved to the Treasure Valley and child abuse prevention campaigns didn't exist. I don't remember seeing ANYTHING that resembled something that calls awareness towards protecting kids.

That doesn't mean that the Women's and Children's Shelter didn't do great stuff because they've always been great. I just can't remember something that comes to mind because it was still not a cause people were talking about.

We started Live for 175 almost 12 years ago and it wasn't till the death of Robert Manwill that a face was put on child abuse. I think it was the lead up to everything we had been doing for child abuse that really set things in motion regarding awareness. Fast forward and things have come full circle will multiple rallies, conferences, coordinated 5k events and the new YMCA "5 Days of Action"

The YMCA is just an unbelievable place for the community and its children. I've personally done several events with them and those great volunteers have always given back to our awareness events. This week the YMCA is getting adults to come together with children from sexual abuse in their "5 Days of Action"

They will be doing free child abuse prevention classes April 23-26

If you wanna join the events or get more information you can go to their main event page below. Want facts about child abuse and recognize the warning signs of child abuse? Follow this LINK.

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