Boise Music Festival is less than 100 days away and if you want to see this years show, we want to make sure you know MORE about who is coming--beyond their names.

Robin Thicke, of course, is one of our major headliners.  You definitely will recognize him from his 2013 smash single "Blurred Lines".  However, there's a whole lot more to Robin Thicke than his radio hit from years ago. Check out some fun facts about Robin, below.

  • 1

    He's the father of a newborn

    Just a couple of weeks ago he became a new father to a daughter named Mia. Maybe his little one will make it to Boise Music Festival!

  • 2

    He comes from artists..

    Both of Robin's parents know about being celebrities. His father, Alan was an actor in the sitcom Growing Pains and his mother Gloria was in "Days of Our Lives", the tv drama.

  • 3

    He grew up QUICK

    Robin Thicke moved out from his parents house at age 17...only to support himself entirely through his senior year in high school WHILE producing and writing his own music.

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