If you missed out on Jon Bellion's opening performance here in Boise when Twenty One Pilots were at Taco Bell Arena, I promise you won't want to miss him this time around.

The voice behind the radio single "All Time Low" that you heard here on 103.5 KISS FM during the spring will be at the Knitting Factory downtown next Wednesday.  When I watched him preform at Taco Bell Arena, I saw a guy so passionate about his music and stage presence. The entire arena felt it. In fact, if you haven't checked out my time with him backstage, you can watch the video below!

Tickets are SOLD OUT to this show and we've got the last of them in town. Make sure you're listening on air and through our app (turn those alerts on, too) to win all week leading up to the show.

If you already got tickets or are ready to win them over the next 7 days, here are some things you'll want to know about Jon!


  • 1

    He's Written Some Huge Songs

    "The Monster" from Eminem and Rihanna? "Trumpets" from Jason Derulo?  Jon Bellion wrote both of this huge records.

  • 2

    He's Inspired By....

    Pixar! Look at any of his album art...it totally looks Pixar, right? His end-game is to compose a complete soundtrack for a Pixar movie.

  • 3

    He's Tight With His Friends

    His band behind him? They went to college together and have stuck together for 8 years now!

  • 4

    He Loves His Parents, Too...

    So much so, he still lives in their basement!  Despite making big money on record sales, he hasn't moved out yet!

  • 5

    He's Superstitious..

    While on tour Jon Bellion doesn't re-use socks, underwear, or t-shirts. Maybe buying so many socks means he can't pay his own rent!?

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